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Exportadora Las Brumas now exporting ground coffee to the world

We are happy to announce that now we are able to export ground coffee directly from El Salvador to a lot of countries around the world. 

Now you can order online from our best selection of ground coffee from our six farms. Please visit our online coffee store and also check up if your country is elegible for exporting in our country list. 

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the most finest coffees in the world from our farms directly to your cup!

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Recent Stuffs

SL28 Pjoject

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Recent Stuffs

Win-win business relationship

Ernesto Menéndez believes that direct trade is a mutual benefit between roasters and producers.

This is not a topic for avoid the middleman only. Nowaydays is quite important that roasters be close to the producer. They can be updated of producer coffee growing practices, milling process, certifiactions, etc. This is in order to guarantee the quality of the origin.

The more knowledge of the origin the best way to trade the coffee. For all this, Exportadora Las Brumas through this website, publishes valuable information regarding their 6 coffee farms. Feel free to browse the whole site and explore the best of salvadoran coffees.

Our Trade Marks

Direct Trade
Finca Las Brumas
Finca La Ilusión
Finca Los Andes
Finca Alaska
Ernestos Selection ...

Dale Harris won WBC2017 with Las Brumas Washed SL 28 Coffee!


Key Statements


To provide a coffee manufacturing and exportation services, within the highest quality standards efficiently and effectively, in order to satisfy the demand of specialty coffees international markets.


Become a national reference in manufacturing and exportation of the finest salvadoran coffees.



Guarantee the quality from the origin to our buyers

Be willing to accomplish the buyers requirements

Always offer the best quality as possible

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